Weekend To-Do List

My parents are leaving on Monday, which means that I can finally shuffle everything in the house away into the places I want it without feeling like i'm abandoning guests.

I'm kind of excite.

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Also, a meme

Via [personal profile] mercurybard, comment and I will:

1. Tell you why I friended you. If I remember.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favourite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you that you must post this in your own journal.


Other metaphors proposed to describe that Organic Chemistry final:

- I bombed that exam so hard that Dresden was consumed in flames.
- I bombed that exam so hard that Tokyo burned down.
- I bombed that exam so hard that the ash cloud caused a mini-Ice Age.
- I bombed that exam so hard that the aftershocks set off earthquake detectors at several USGS facilities.
- I bombed that exam so hard that goggles and spiked shoulder-pads became a mainstream fashion.

etc etc

It's amazing the perspective a couple of years will give you, though, because a) I'm not too broken up about it; this isn't something I'm incapable of learning, I just needed more time and attention, and b) since I answered all the questions on the exam, I can honestly say this is nowhere near the worst final I've ever written.

That honour goes to the second-year electrical engineering final I wrote on which I did nothing but draw pictures of dancing bananas.

I've got more than enough room in my schedule next term to fit OChem in again, even if I don't take it in summer session. Annnnd, it turns out I don't need it anyways, since a first-year comp sci class will fulfill the same requirement, and it's not a prereq for anything anyway.

Stubbornness might compel me to go back and pass the shit out of that class, but if it doesn't fit in my schedule, I guess it's no skin off my nose.
Gave my term paper presentation yesterday - I neither threw up nor fainted, so I'm putting it in the success column - and had a job interview for a job I really kind of want. Unfortunately, it kind of depends on government funding, which hasn't materialised yet because it's an election year and thus everyone is walking eggshells.

Bloody politics.

So I won't know for a while yet whether the job even will exist, much less whether I got it or not.

Also helped pull off a successful Guide event over the weekend - almost got thrown-up on at one point, but apparently my Agility score goes up when faced by situations involving vomit. And I got teach the kids how to correctly hold and play handbells, which is always fun for my inner percussionist.

The next two weeks are slightly nuts - my Paleo lab final is tomorrow night, I'm going to see the Hunger Games on Thursday with the rest of the Browncoats, this weekend is the Link camp, and then next week is the Petro lab final, which promises to be hellish in the extreme (24 slide, 3 questions each, with five minutes a slide....I'm not particularly confident in my chances).

I'm brewing a post about Mass Effect 3 - I finished it over the weekend, after finally getting my Galactic Readiness Score up to 100%. I agree with the general internet reaction of "What the ever-loving fuck was that?", but I also think I'm going to play it through again before I make any portentous pronouncements.

I will say that wow, there were a lot of bugs in this game - quest-related and otherwise. I mean, at one point I had a conversation with Chakwas while her body, stuck halfway into her desk, faced away from me, her head faced towards me, and her eyes glowed with a hellish red light.

It was disconcerting to say the least. Possibly worse than having the marriage conversation with Alistair while he was on fire.

Anyways. In honour of the fact that it's Tuesday, have some tunes. (Hosted at Mediafire, standard warnings apply.)

1. Skrillex feat. Sirah - Bangarang

Okay, so I admit, the reason this song has been on repeat for the last couple weeks has significantly more to do with this awesome music video than it does with the actual song itself.

2. System of a Down - Prison Song

minor drug offenders fill your prisons
you don't even flinch
all our taxes paying for your wars
against the new non-rich

3. Rancid - Side Kick

I had a dream I was a vigilante sidekick
my name is Tim, I'm a lesser-known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante sidekick
fighting crime in the streets together

This week's been heavy on the punk and classic rock. I'm not sure what that says about my paper-writing style.

4. The Arrogant Worms with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - Dangerous

I would stop a thousand bullets with my hand
I would laugh as my leg was amputated
But baby, I'm not that kind of man
'Cause it's too dangerous (too dangerous)
I use big words but I never do the deed

Ladies and gentlemen, one of Canada's national treasures. I might have posted this before, but I honestly can't remember...

5. Abney Park - Building Steam

Soon came a day under skies that were gray
When I knew I couldn't stay in this ghost town full of
Clones and clowns and carbon copy towns, with
Kine and swine and nothing that was mine

6. Abney Park - All The Myths Are True

Deep in the forest, half-crazed witch doctors
with their herbal magics. All of it is true.
They've found traces of neurotoxins in
the zombie's bloodstream. All the myths are true.

So I was on a really big Abney Park kick a couple weeks ago, and these are two of my favourite songs from them (along with, judging by my most-played list, half of Aether Shanties). Mmm, steampunk.

In other media-consumption-related news: the first two episodes of Avatar: The Adventures of Korra = awesome, y/y?


Camp = accomplished!

The kids had fun, the leaders mostly had fun (and between the three of us, we managed to make Cayce actually sit down and eat meals despite the fact that she was running the camp), and all the first-aid I had to perform could be remedied via alcohol wipes and band-aids, so I am declaring it an enthusiastic success.

Although I'm making a note to myself that if your over-arching camp craft (the one that you just leave the supplies out, and the kids can make as many as they like when they have spare time) involves sewing, the kit list really needs to say they need to bring either hard-soled slippers or indoor shoes for inside the lodge. Because apparently kids are incapable of keeping track of their sewing needles.

Now I'm back to class - a combination of Mass Effect 3 and a stomach bug kept me out for the end of last week, except for labs, so I'm playing catch up right now. There's a term paper due Friday that I have a terrible feeling I'm going to end up writing by myself (my partner bombed the midterm, and would rather take a W on her transcript than have her average bogged down by what is, for her, an elective), and I haven't been brave enough to check my midterm marks that came out last week. I've basically decided that this semester is going to be a write-off in terms of average - I'm hoping for mid-to-low 70s, but sort of doubt I'll hit much above the high 60s, a symptom of the senior Geology classes I'm taking.

I haven't finished Mass Effect 3, in part because I have a certain amount of compulsion to complete /everything/ and there's a couple quests that got glitched, and in part because the word on the web is that the ending is terrible and I'm really attached to my Shepard (although I can't tell if people are complaining about the 'best-possible' ending or not, because it's apparently hooked to playing multiplayer unless you're going to, you know, compulsively complete everything and I know that I avoid multiplayer like the plague).

Although I did get to kill a Reaper with a Thresher Maw, so there's that.

I have some major feels about the game in general up to this point, but I think I'm going to endeavour to finish the game before I write them up in any concrete form. I have decided that I really kind of love Vega, Traynor, and Cortez, though.

ETA: We just drew numbers for presentation order for our term papers, and I almost had a heart attack, because I drew what looked like #1. Thankfully, it was just that my thumb was covering the other numeral - I'm #11. I'm hoping, though, that if my partner does drop the class, he'll let me skip the presentation in recompense for having to write the paper by myself.
Because I am a past master of the art of time management.

(The previous sentence is a complete falsehood.)

Theoretically this should be less hectic after I graduate, right?Collapse )

So, yeah.

It's a little cold on the Prairies today.

I'm hoping against hope that it warms up at least a little before I have to leave my relatively warm flat to attend the two classes I absolutely have to be there for (they don't have online notes, and my Paleo prof takes attendance).

I really, really don't want to, though.
Dammit, Microsoft, even Adobe lets you activate two computers on one license. And if you're going to sell a 3-pack of licenses for only 30$ more than the single-license version, wouldn't it be nice to allow people to buy an add-on license?

You could even charge me more than 15$.

As long as it came in under 50$, I'd be a happy camper.

But there's no way in hell I'm shelling out another 130$ for the privilege of installing a program I already own on my laptop. I'm not even asking to run the two copies at the same godsdamned time fer crying out loud.

Guess I'm going back to OpenOffice.

(Seriously, Microsoft, for the first time in almost ten years I'm willing to actually give you money, and then you go and do this. What the hell.)
I said there would be music tonight, but I cannot brain, for I have the dumb.

And I spent most of the afternoon finishing Uncharted 3 again, so my brain is still in falling-off-cliffs and snarky-commentary mode.

So here, have the remixes from all three Uncharted soundtracks, plus my favourite track from the rest of Uncharted 3.

The Uncharted soundtracks in general are pretty good, actually - a lot of game music is good, but not the kind of thing you'd really listen to outside the game. I mean, I love Uematsu's compositions, but despite the fact that there's, like, 40 discs worth of them to choose from, I think I've only got two or three on a regularly-played playlist. The Uncharted soundtracks, on the other hand, have more songs on at least one playlist than not.

But then, I tend to be a big fan of both world music and chillout, so it might just be more that they're right up my alley.

so, in no particular order: (all files hosted at mediafire, so, you know, take standard internetting precautions)

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception sort of middle eastern flavoured, what with taking place mostly in Syria/Yemen/the Rub al'Khali

- my favourite non-remix track: Dreamers of the Day
- Reckless - Powerplay (Thorn Remix)
- Science and Magic - Powerplay (Buresh Remix)
- Iram of the Pillars - Powerplay (Bricker Remix)

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves sort of Tibetan/Oriental flavoured, which makes sense given that almost all of the game takes place in the Himalayas, but not as pronounced as the Uncharted 3 tracks.
- The Road to Shambala (Carmen Rizzo Megamix)

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune sort of vaguely world-ish…I don't know, honestly, it reminds me most of the Italian Job soundtrack with the addition of panpipes. Game takes place mostly on a non-specific South Pacific island.
- The El Dorado Megamix

breathing: surprisingly not optional

Things that have blown my mind today: apparently electric kettles aren't common in the States.

....I've never actually seen an on-stove kettle anywhere outside of Guide camp here in Canada, so. America is weird, man.

In slightly related news: I am sick! Whooooooooo.

Because of course I am, since I had three midterms last week in the space of 48 hours. I was actually sick through Thanksgiving weekend with the starts of it - but now it's migrated from a head cold down into my bronchial tubes, as per usual, so I occasionally sound like an elephant seal. When I don't sound like Darth Vader.

I totally bombed one of the three midterms - but at least it was in a "I recognize that, but I can't quite remember the information they're looking for and none of this is extrapolateable from first principles" way than in a "I have no fucking clue what any of this is" way. I already knew Mineralogy was going to be bad, since I'm not particularly good at rote memorization - but I think if I put some more effort in, I can pull a 75 in the rest of the course, which should give me a pass with some wiggle room.

I think my standards for a good exam might be skewed by the electrical engineering final I wrote in BC on which I drew nothing but dancing bananas, because I had no fucking clue what was going on. (See under: reasons I'm no longer in engineering.)

I was, originally, going to spend the weekend playing Fallout 3, having been assured by several people that I'd enjoy it in spite of the fact that I'm really, really terrible at FPS. Like. Really terrible. But it turns out that the used copy I picked up at lunch has a cracked disc - so I have to return it, and I don't think I saw another used copy hanging around. Or any copies of New Vegas, for that matter.


Batman: Arkham City is out on Tuesday....but I have midterms on Wednesday and Thursday, so I won't get to it until the weekend. Which won't keep me from skipping out on my lunch break to pick it up. But whatever.

In the interests of public accountability (and because if I put it here I can look at it from school):

Quest Log (aka, the list of stuff I have to do this week)Collapse )


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